Simplify Material Testing

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Step 1:
Fill in the Test Request Form

Just fill in the Test Request Form and let us know your test requirements.
To help us simplify your material testing work, include as many details as possible.
So, think for example at Type of Material, Preferred Analytical Technique or Method, Specific ASTM- or ISO-standards, etc.
However, should you have a question?
Just ask our experts!
They will help you find the best solution for your application and or requirement.

Notepad to Illustrate Material Testing Quotation Phase

Step 2:
Receive the best quotation

GREAT! You have sent the Test Request Form.
Your part of the job is done!
Have a coffee and continue doing what you were doing…
From here on, we focus on your test requirements.
We’ll let you know our best material testing & analysis solution, within short notice.
In case we have further questions or do need more information, we’ll contact you.
It’s as simple as that …

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Step 3:
Fast & Easy sample pick-up

We understand you want your results fast & easy.
Let us know when and where we can pick up your samples.
We organize a fast pick-up at any location in Europe.
It’s as easy as that!

What can we do for you?

Simplify Material Testing is our mission.
We’re able to offer you a multitude of analytical techniques and  an infinite scope of testing possibilities.

Above all, we always search for the most specialized partner lab for your specific application.

To give you an insight in our capabilities, we’ve made this short material testing overview.
Of course, this is only an extraction of our capabilities.

“The reason I and my supervisor choose EXPERTA | TESTING to perform the required measurement is because they agreed to provide reliable results for a reasonable price and it did not fail to do that …”

Victor Sutii – AIRBUS

“It was nice working together with EXPERTA | TESTING …”

Frank Ruttens – AGFALabs

“Always ready to answer the clients’ questions even during the holidays …”

Stéphanie Schuller – Rousselot


From the early start, our founder Wim Pinnoo has made it his mission to Simplify Material Testing.
Because, we truly believe in this, we have implemented this mission in all our activities.
Here you can find the 4 cornerstones:

For more details about the above cornerstones, click on the values or read OUR MISSION page.

Do you have suggestions to improve our processes or our services? Or should you have ideas to make this website even more informative and/or customer friendly …
Just drop us an email!