Simplify Material Testing

How we simplify your material testing

Simplify Material Testing is our mission and ultimate goal.
We are convinced to achieve this as a result of offering a multitude of analytical techniques, high-end technologies and infinite scope of testing possibilities,

Above all, we can count on our large network of premium partners. For the most part consisting out of specialized laboratories and experienced consultants with a lot of expertise in very niche domains of the material characterization landscape. This wide network & the high-quality partners makes it possible for us to search for the most specialized partner lab for your specific application.

In conclusion, to give you a quick insight into our capabilities, we’ve made this short material testing overview. Of course, this is only a small extraction of our capabilities.

1,2,3 to Simplify your Material Testing

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Step 1:
Fill in the Test Request Form

Just fill in the Test Request Form to let us know your test requirements. We will help you to simplify your material testing work. First, we want to kindly ask you to include as many details as possible. In short, think for example at the type of material you want us to test, the preferred analytical technique or method that must be used, some specific ASTM- or ISO-standards to be followed, etc. However, if you have a question, just ask our experts!

Notepad to Illustrate Material Testing Quotation Phase

Step 2:
Receive the best quotation

GREAT! You have sent the Test Request Form. Your part of the job is done! Have a coffee and continue doing what you were doing … From here on, we focus on your test requirements. We’ll let you know our best material testing & analysis solution, within short notice. In case of further questions, we’ll contact you …

Truck Cartoon to Illustrate the Material Testing Sample Pick-up Phase

Step 3:
Fast & Easy sample pick-up

We understand you want your results fast & easy. Let us know when and where we can pick up your sample. We organize a fast pick-up at any location in Europe. It’s as simple as that!

Where we simplified material testing

“The reason I and my supervisor choose EXPERTA | TESTING to perform the required measurement is that they agreed to provide reliable results for a reasonable price, and it did not fail to do that …”

Victor Sutii – AIRBUS

“It was nice working together with EXPERTA | TESTING …”

Frank Ruttens – Agfa-Labs

“Wim’s expertise and network have shown effective to determine a suitable analytical technique for a practical issue. They work in a progressive way to provide useful information to the customer. …”

Thomas Mijnders – KOBATO BV

How our mission to simplify materials testing started …

EXPERTA | TESTING is founded by Wim Pinnoo. During his career, he has build-up many years of experience (>15years), expertise, and knowhow in physical material properties testing. Started as a young service engineer at a small, but ambitious company near Ghent (Belgium). However, it was there he learned what real customer satisfaction means. After continuous growth, as an application-driven service engineer in a typical instrument distributor company, he started his instrument service & sales company. From then on, he had one clear mission:

“Simplify material testing for all customers


This statement is based on 4 “cornerstones”:

How this material testing started …

In the beginning, we’ve set-up a contract testing service, for some niche thermal properties testing and analysis, in our existing instrument distributor company. After some successful projects and some additional years of building on our experience in testing and project management, our customers asked also our expertise in other domains of testing. This has led to a strong increasing in the testing capabilities in those first years. Later, we extended this consultancy & testing services by selectively expanding our knowledge in all disciplines of physical material properties testing. This further expansion became only possible after we became 100% independent. Subsequently, we sold our instrument sales activities and went our own way. Since then, we are truly able to help our customers in the best way, without having other distractions or obligations …

Office Experta Testing


As your only 100% independent expert partner, we help you to find the best solution. Due to our expertise in all types of physical material properties testing & analysis, we handle all your requests. Because of this combination of a typical material consultant and a one-stop-shop for physical material properties testing, we can advise and guide you through the complete testing process. On top of this our independence makes it possible for us to truly search for the best solution, without any obligation to sell a specific technology, instrument type, or lab partners’ capability.

“Our customers can be found in Research & Development and Quality Assurance groups in all kinds of companies, from all kinds of industries and from SME’s to Multinationals …”

Wim Pinnoo – Independent Material Consultant & Founder EXPERTA | TESTING

Since the start of this specialized consultancy service, we have already worked together with a wide range of top-notch academic & industrial researchers.

According to our founder: “Our customers can be found in Research & Development and Quality Assurance groups in all kinds of companies, from all kinds of industries and from SME’s to Multinationals …”

Even though our young company, we can already build on a wide experience in several types of industrial sectors. All of them, having their typical customers, with a large variation in tested materials and an even wider range of applications. In other words, we can truly say, we can help you with ALL your physical material properties testing requirements.

Customer First

Your preference is our guidance

We put our customers in the first place. This means, from the first contact until the finalization of the project, our only goal is complete customer satisfaction. The main reason we can achieve this is that we are a 100% independent company. In other words, we do not have any contractual obligations with none of our partners. Therefore, our only guide to determine the method we use or the test procedure we follow, is our customers’ test requirements and/or application. This will be expressed in the way we communicate, write, and deliver your report, etc.

Largest Offer

“Your one-stop-shop for all your physical material properties testing & analysis”

To help us understand your materials and applications in a more profound way, we work with premium lab partners. Initially, we select them in such a way that they are specialized in your materials and your applications. With EXPERTA | TESTING, you will have a one-stop-shop for all your physical material properties testing & analysis. Moreover, if you work with us, you have access to the worlds’ largest network of laboratories. Besides, you can take advantage of their most innovative advanced instrumentation. Above all, you can work with the most experienced material experts in your field of application.


“Stay ahead in your search for innovations”

Our strict selection method has given us great insight into the best test laboratories on the market. This ensures, our expertise labs will be able to help you with your most challenging material test projects. In other words, we help you to make the right choices. Our expertise, experience & know-how will help you make those steps forward, needed to stay ahead in your search for innovations.

The key questions we ask ourselves during the selection for your material test, are:
– Who are the most expert laboratories for your test request?
– Where do they have the most experience with your type of material?
– Is this lab best equipped for your specific application?
– Can they demonstrate their know-how in your field of application?

Fast & Easy

“We take your specialized material testing work off your hands, so you can do your work …”

We help you to identify an external lab, who can do this specialized testing work, for your specific material, within your specific budget …

You avoid the long discussion to agree on the test method, procedure, or preferred norms to follow. Similarly, avoiding the stress to deliver your result in time and budget …

Because some of your most specialized tests are rather seldom, the most effective way is outsourcing. It will result in the lowest (financial) risks for your out-of-scope testing work. That’s a fact!

In other words, outsourcing gives you the flexibility needed to use your high-educated talented people and your most expensive instrumentation in their most efficient and effective way.

Just tell us what you want, and we’ll find you the most dedicated solution. Fast & Easy!

FAQ? & Answers

  1. How did you come up with this idea?

    Please read our mission on the “our mission” page.

  2. Are there already other platforms in the market for material testing?

    Yes, on our knowledge there are 2 other platforms in Europe.
    One in Germany and one in France. Both mainly serve their local markets. For your information, we do sometimes work together on customers' test requests in both directions.

  3. Do you like coffee or tea?

    This is the most asked question during my customer and lab partner visits in the last months … So, to be clear about this important question: Coffee please, black no sugar 😉

  4. How does it work?

    Our mission is to “Simplify Material Testing”, so we like to keep things simple.
    First, you ask your question through our “Test request Form“.
    Secondly, we start to work for you.

    Initially, we search for experienced lab partners in this application field and contact them to start negotiating about the best solution and best price for your test request. In other cases, we start to contact a selective group of experts in the field of your request. We consult them to find the best solution for your specific test request. If everything is clear, we make you an official offer. With this quotation, you are guaranteed of having the best qualitative test result for a guaranteed all-in price. On top of this, we strive to bring out this quotation within the shortest time possible. Often, we can come back to you in less than 1 week after the qualification of your test request. Finally, we help you through the test process from your initial request until you have no more questions about the test report.

  5. Do you have your own laboratory?

    No, we do not have a laboratory ourselves. To be able to help you with all your request in the best way, we work with about 300 experts, advisers, consultants & lab partners. They do all the real testing work, but we help you to find them to deliver you best solution for your test request.

  6. What tests do you offer?

    Seriously, we offer ALL physical material properties tests. This means all the tests mentioned on our website (see “What we do” page) and all other physical properties tests, you need or can imagine. If you have a very niche test, challenge us!

  7. How many people work at EXPERTA | TESTING?

    Officially, I'm a one-man company. But in practice, we work with about 300 experts, advisers, consultants & lab partners.

  8. How do you get paid? And isn't this very expensive?

    I'm very pleased with your concern about our profitability.

    Our prices are correct. We simply add a “basic consultancy fee” (or a small margin) on top of the quotations from our lab partners. Due to our very good business relationship with them, we can offer the requested tests at a good price. Next to this, I want to point out that we only work with well-selected premium lab partners. They all have guaranteed us their high level of quality, expertise, experience, knowledge, integrity & confidentiality when it comes to material testing. On top of this, we take care of your tests from A to Z and perform all the lab (re-)search work to find the best solution for your specific needs. This saves you headaches and sleepless nights. I will not further argue about prices. I can only advise: Challenge us!

  9. Can you return my samples afterwards?

    Of course! First of all, we want to let you know we always include sample pick-up in our price offer. This concerns a standard sample pick-up from any place in Europe to any lab in Europe. To return your (standard) samples after the tests, we ask an additional 75Euro/shipment fee.

  10. Can we get in direct contact with the lab?

    In most cases, this wouldn't be needed. Our partners have much experience & expertise in setting-up lab experiments based on our test requests & instructions. If this can't be assured, we will set-up a meeting.

  11. Can I ask you another (somewhat stupid) question?

    Yes, of course! Please ask it via our test request and keep in mind there are no stupid questions 😉

  12. How fast can I get the results?

    This largely depends on the type of test requests and the required test procedure/ -time. For short tests, we can provide you the results within 3 to 4 weeks. For longer test procedures, the detailed test plan will be given on order confirmation.

  13. Do you also provide tests on “Dangerous” samples?

    Yes, we do, but for these special cases, we must look at a case by case basis, if we can handle all aspects of the test process. Mostly we do, so if you have dangerous samples, let us have a look 😉

  14. Should I include a MSDS in the package?

    Yes, you should do this for ALL goods, so everyone is aware of what materials we are shipping at any time. This way we keep it safe for everyone.

  15. How do I pack my samples?

    You should pack them under good craftsmanship and standard packages. In most cases, we work with TNT packages services, so have a look at their package guidelines.

  16. Other questions?

    Fill in the “Test Request Form” or send an email to